Transnational Project Meeting

2021-09-22 and 2021-09-23

The meeting was held online and the host institution was the University of Warsaw. All participants were greeted by Danuta and Ela, who presented facts and figures about the University of Warsaw, as well as invited us for a virtual walk around their institution.

Krzysztof presented the project progress, SWOT analysis, further work and challenges.

Handbook (IO3) – Ela presented the progress of work on the IO3 (currently under proofreading and correction). The final title of the IO3 was established: Youth Participation and Solidarity – handbook for teachers and students of social profession. IO2 will be added in the Annex to IO3.

Youth reader (IO4) – Irena and Krzysztof presented the content of IO4 (final versions of the texts should be sent to the editors until 29th of September). Skadrite proposed to enrich the content of IO4 with challenges related to the situation of young people during/after pandemic. Both outputs (IO3, IO4) will be reviewed.

Promotion of output 3 and 4 – Propositions how to promote outputs: online meetings, partners’ universities websites, facebook, other social media, etc.

Implementation of IO2 – will take place in winter or summer semester (since February 2022) at each partner institution – at least 10 students, 2 teachers will be involved in the course, issues included in the course: database, etiology, working methods – how to deal with the issue, up to ECTS – 5 points, „think global, act local”, working methods: lectures, workshops, experience exchange via e-learning platform.

Warsaw and Bialystok gave examples how they will implement the course module. Jurmala and Malmo will think how to implement the module into their curriculum. Lithunania – considers different options to national students and international, Erasmus+ students, list of selected courses, Erasmus+ mobility.

Evaluation of IO2 – How to organize evaluation procedure (report from the teachers, students)? Feedback from the teachers and students after implementation of IO2 – online, face-to-face, mentimeter, focus group interviews, questionnairs). Before the evaluation of the IO2, the Introduction meeting (workshop) for all teachers engaged in the implementation of IO2 will be provided online or in Białystok (depending on financial conditions in the Project).

Recommended source about youth research:

Summer School – Krzysztof presented basic information: Bialystok 26.06—5.07.2022; 10 students and 2 teachers from each university; hotel; finances for the School. Krzysztof initiated a discussion – points for reflection:

  • What is/should be the main aim of the Summer School? incl. checking and evaluation of the work done so far on the current outputs
  • Do we have need do fix Summer School added values? incl. working out new perspectives for future work, intercultural perspective on youth problems
  • How can we define/select Summer School content/topics? incl. topics from individual sections of the syllabus, preparation of presentations by students. Preparation of students for the Summer School – recruitment, familiarization with the program, preparation of integration activities, topics for discussion.
  • Which methods should be fixed/removed/emphasized? incl. Marta presented her reflections and important comments as a summer school participant in Denmark in 2014.
Krzysztof asked to reflect on these issues and prepare responses to the next Zoom Meeting SP-Young. Preparation of answers to the questions posed for the next meeting.